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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Locker hooked table runners!

The first item we are offering for sale is this handmade, locker hooked table runner! It measures 23" long x 12" wide. The style of this runner is called "granny squares" and it is done in multi- colored fabric with a flannel backing.
$55.00 + shipping

SOLD! Thank You!

To celebrate our new selling blog, we are offering a free gift with purchase! If you purchase this table runner, you will receive this needle felted, spring egg valued at $5.75 for free!!!!!

This table runner measures 28" long x 11" wide and is done in multi- colored fabric with the "tongues" style on both ends. It has a black felt backing. $65.00 + shipping
SOLD! Thank You!

You'll receive this locker hooked star ornament free with this table runner! It is a $7.95 value and great to use as a tree ornament or hang from a peg rack!

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